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Have you considered the impact you’d like to leave behind? The possibility of leaving a meaningful legacy gift that provides children, youth, and families in need with a better chance in life. A second chance for our future generation to thrive and flourish.

Since 1952, Singapore Children’s Society has dedicated itself to building a better future for children, youth, and families in need. Over the years, our programme and services have evolved to meet the changing needs of our community, offering our beneficiaries the essential care and support they need to walk out of their past shadows.

Planned Giving Options with Singapore Children’s Society

Planned giving, also known as legacy giving, stands as a powerful testament to one’s commitment to philanthropy. At its core, planned giving refers to the donation of assets or resources to charitable organisations, often designated to occur at a future date. This form of giving allows individuals to leave a lasting legacy, contributing to social causes in Singapore they are passionate about even after their lifetime.

In Singapore, there are many different legacy giving options, each designed to accommodate diverse preferences and circumstances.

  • Bequests: A common avenue for planned giving, bequests involve designating a portion of one’s estate to a charitable cause in a will. This method allows individuals to allocate assets, such as money, property, or other valuables, to a charitable organisation.
  • Charitable Trusts: Establishing a charitable trust involves creating a legal entity to hold and manage assets for the benefit of a social cause in Singapore. Donors can contribute assets to the trust, ensuring a steady stream of support for children, youth and families under our care.
  • Other Options (Gift Annuities, Life Insurance, etc.): Beyond bequests and charitable trusts, various other planned giving options include legacy gift annuities, where donors receive regular payments while supporting a social cause in Singapore, and life insurance policies, enabling individuals to designate a charitable organisation as a beneficiary.

Crafting a Lasting Legacy with Planned Giving

What makes planned giving truly impactful is its ability to align with personal values and goals. Donors have the opportunity to shape their legacy in a way that reflects their passions, values, and vision for a better world. This personalised approach not only enhances the donor’s sense of fulfilment but also creates a more profound and meaningful impact on the social causes they hold dear.

The Process of Drafting a Legacy Gift in Singapore

Drafting a legacy gift in Singapore involves identifying the charitable cause and deciding on the type of legacy gift assets to be included. Seeking professional advice to understand tax implications, estate laws, and regulatory requirements and to draft your legacy gift is crucial to ensure compliance and avoid any issues that could jeopardize the transfer of your legacy gift assets.

Dispelling Myths and Misunderstandings Surrounding Planned Giving

Planned giving, a powerful avenue for philanthropy, is unfortunately encumbered by several myths and misunderstandings. One common misconception is that legacy giving is exclusively reserved for the wealthy elite. In reality, planned giving is accessible to individuals of various financial backgrounds.

Contrary to the belief that planned giving is limited to specific causes , donors have the flexibility to support a vast array of charitable organisations and causes close to their hearts. Some individuals fear that planned giving means relinquishing control over their assets. In reality, many planned giving options offer flexibility and allow donors to retain control during their lifetime.

Planned Giving: Your Legacy, Your Way

We invite you to consider the transformative realm of planned giving with Singapore Children’s Society in mind, an opportunity to shape the future of children, youth and families in need. Your legacy gift can play a pivotal role in ensuring the sustainability of our programmes and services, creating a positive and lasting impact on the well-being of children, youth and families in need.

Discover how your unique contribution to such social causes in Singapore can shape a brighter future for generations to come. To learn more about legacy giving, please visit our page here, or write to us at

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