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Wedding Ang Pow Donors: We Want Children to Enjoy Being Children

While most new couples use their ang pows (or ‘red packets’) to pay for their nuptials or new homes, Daniel Chua and Azelle Tang decided that helping children-in-need was how they wanted to begin their lives together.

Daniel, 34, and Azelle, 35, both former Flag Day volunteers, contributed all the monetary gifts received during their March wedding to Singapore Children’s Society.

Both are passionate about children and learnt valuable lessons from caring for younger siblings, nieces and nephews, they said. They hope the money donated will go towards creating safer environments in which children and youth can flourish.

“The thoughts and ideas we have are greatly influenced by the people who surround us. Without proper guidance, children are easily led astray,” said Daniel.

As former volunteers, both Daniel and Azelle have seen how the Society makes an impact and know what it takes to pull off the many talks, workshops and programmes that benefit its beneficiaries.

“At such a tender age, children should just enjoy being children… We hope more people will come forward to help children, youth and families in need. Help can come in many forms and doesn’t have to just be money. If time is what you have, be a volunteer. If knowledge is your wealth, impart skills,” encouraged Daniel.

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