Struggling to parent their toddlers while dealing with the emotional roller coaster of divorce, Jennifer* and Stacey* realised they needed help. The two young mothers independently signed up to attend the three-month Good Enough Parenting workshop organised by Yishun Family Service @ Children’s Society (YFC). Little did they know then that they would find more than just parenting skills at the workshop – they would also end up finding a good friend in each other.

Jennifer, whose daughter is 3, instantly clicked with Stacey, who has a daughter the same age and a son who is 2. Over the 12 weekly sessions, during which they learnt how to raise emotionally healthy, successful, and resilient children, they became cheerleaders, emotional support pillars, and listening ears for each other.

Their blossoming friendship has extended to their children, who now have playdates together at playgrounds and beaches.  

Fast friends: Jennifer and Stacey at a playdate with their children in December 2021

“Every mother needs a friend. Someone they can call, someone they can vent to, someone they don’t have to explain themselves to. And we found this someone in each other,” says Stacey.

One year on, Jennifer and Stacey remain active participants in various caregiver programmes offered by YFC to support their parenting journeys.

“We’re always happy to see when participants gain more than parenting skills and knowledge from our programmes. It is equally important that caregivers build meaningful relationships with one another. These networks live on after the programme concludes, and continue to provide them with the support they need,” says Ms Tan Bee Joo, Senior Director at Yishun Family Service @ Children’s Society.

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