#MyVoice – A platform created during the COVID pandemic to give women around the world, a chance to be heard is now having even greater impact. Dr. Neera Gupta & her partner Ms Shikha Sarkar have turned some of the stories that surfaced on #MyVoice, into an Amazon No.1 Bestseller Book Series called #MyVoice: A Collective Memoir by Women of Substance. Currently into its 5th Volume, proceeds from the sales of all five books are being donated to Singapore Children’s Society.

The #MyVoice platform, created in June 2020, brought women together to discuss issues and challenges with an aim to become better versions of themselves by listening, learning, helping and supporting one another through this journey. 

“In the process, we uncovered some of the most inspiring and heart-warming journeys. These women were the unsung heroes and community champions who displayed extraordinary examples of courage, resilience, triumph, kindness, compassion, self-love, transformation, skill and success,” says Neera, who is the Chief Visionary Officer of Global Influencers Publishing House, and a member of Children’s Society’s Community Engagement and Partnerships Standing Committee (CEPSC) for the last eight years.
This encouraged them to publish the stories of these women with the objective to have their voices reach millions and create a lasting impact.

#MyVoice contribution: Ms Shikha Sarkar (third from right) & Dr Neera Gupta (second from right) presenting the cheque from #MyVoice book sales to the Society 

She intuitively knew that she wanted the proceeds to go to the Society. Beyond her regular involvement in fundraising activities, Neera had also had the opportunity to visit the residential home for the children as well as the after school care facilities. “I have always been moved by the dedication and the devotion of the staff. Supporting the work of the Society and being a voice for children and their future, was an obvious choice.” 

The dynamic duo are committed to continuing their support to the Society by donating sales proceeds from all of their co-authored books as well as raise awareness about the Society both locally and globally and perhaps in the future publish a book by/about the Society’s beneficiaries. And inspire women and men across the world to transform their journeys from the ordinary to extraordinary and enable change.

Click here to find out more about where to purchase the ‘#MyVoice books or to make a donation to Singapore Children’s Society.  

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