Does your child know what is a good touch from a bad one? It is important that he or she should be aware to stay safe from sexual abuse. This is where parents and educators can play a very important role – learn the proper ways to empower the child with body safety skills and be able to talk about the sensitive topic in a way they can understand.

To raise awareness on the issue of body safety skills for children, our Advocacy Unit at Singapore Children’s Society collaborated with Clarity (Mediacorp’s digital channel) for an episode of their ‘Little Did I Know’ series in January this year. Ms Goh Guan Zhen, Assistant Manager, Research and Advocacy Department, featured on the episode as an expert. She introduced the anatomically correct terms of a boy and a girl’s private body parts, explained how to differentiate between good and bad touches, and reinforced the importance of telling a trusted adult when a child finds himself or herself being touched inappropriately.

Since 2000, our Advocacy Unit has been actively involved in promoting body safety skills. We have been working together with the early childhood education sector through the delivery of the ’KidzLive: I Can Protect Myself’ programme to pre-schoolers.

As part of the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s plans to get pre-school teachers to teach students about body safety, we provide training to educators through our ’Empowering Children with Body Safety Skills’ course. The course will help them better understand child sexual abuse issues and use appropriate strategies to handle disclosures of such incidents. They will also be provided with training and post-training support to conduct the ‘KidzLive: I Can Protect Myself’ programme for children. Training is also offered to parents through our parents’ talks and parent-child programmes.

Watch the video below to find out what went on:

For more resources on body safety, click here to download our KidzLive information booklet.

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