It was a ballroom full of warm energy and enthusiasm as over 200 staff from the full range of Singapore’s Children Society service centres came under one roof recently to celebrate a shared bond at work and in life. The event took place on 1 December 2023 at the HomeTeamNS Khatib.

Kachan 2023: An organisation-wide photo taken during the event

Guests were treated to an array of activities, with the key highlight being where several long-serving staff were recognised for their dedication and hard work over the years. The longest-serving staff, Tan Bee Joo, Group Lead of Family Services, and the Head of Children Outreach has had 25 years of service in our organisation.

Ms Tan Bee Joo (on the left), receiving her Long Service Award from Children’s Society CEO, Ang Boon Min (on the right)

The afternoon started with some ice-breaker games, such as staff picking a different color of skittles and answering questions specific to it, helped to promote camaraderie and learn new things about each other.

“In 2023, we brought colleagues together to be re-connected with Children’s Society’s history, learning from and celebrating the various achievements of the organisation over the past seven decades. After our sharing, many colleagues have come up to me to say that they have been inspired by the pioneering spirit of our long-serving volunteers, many of whom are still serving with us in different capacities today. Our subsequent re-group to finalise our plans for the next three years gave much clarity on our strategic focus for the years ahead.

Finally, we closed 2023 with our signature Kachan event, taking a moment to celebrate and appreciate our colleagues in an afternoon full of games, bonding and good food. All these activities have brought us closer together as a team, allowing us to work well together to bring hope and a better future for the young people and their families in Singapore!”

 – Ang Boon Min, CEO of Singapore Children’s Society

Our work requires cross-centre communication and team effort to provide services and programmes to our beneficiaries, as well as advocate for our causes through social media and other platforms publicly. Events like Kachan provide Children’s Society’s staff with opportunities despite busy work schedules to build relationships for more efficient work communication. 

Other organisation-wide events by our services centres include our ForUM sessions, workplans and visioning exercises, among others, that gather all staff to understand better the work each centre does on a deeper level.

Connecting with our Past and Present: Ms Joy Lim, Head of Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society sharing with Children’s Society’s staff about the workplan for 2024

Another example of our organisation-wide events: Visioning Exercise 2023, Connecting with our Future: Colleagues gathered in groups for discussions

These work and get-together sessions not only strengthen bonds between colleagues but are also pivotal in guiding the work plan and strategies in place, to better help our children, youth and families in need.

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