Give2Children (G2C) is an online crowdfunding platform that allows both individuals and companies to raise funds for Singapore Children's Society. Donations raised on our platform goes towards supporting children, youth, and families under our care. Gather your team, set your fundraising goal, and kick off your campaign!

Growth of Crowdfunding Platforms in Singapore

Crowdfunding in Singapore has become increasingly popular. It is a fuss-free way to raise funds for charity and create meaningful impact in the lives of those less fortunate.

You can tap into the benefits of our crowdfunding platform to channel the funds towards our programmes and services so that we can bring relief and happiness to our children, youth and families in need.

Start your charity fundraising efforts today by creating a campaign below.

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    ** In order for the tax deduction to be allowed in your tax assessment for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2025, all donations and details must reach us and campaigns must end by 31 December 2024.



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    What is Crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is the practice of pooling support from various sources for either a community fund, business venture, or personal cause. This appeals to our donors because it's a quick and easy way to raise funds for charity through an online platform.

    Traditionally, many crowdfunding platforms give startups and companies a chance to raise capital by starting their own campaigns. Tap into the benefits of a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for Singapore Children’s Society and its beneficiaries, and help contribute to our charity fundraising efforts!

    Why Crowdfund with G2C?

    When you create a crowdfunding campaign, you support projects and services that aim to help children, youth, and families in need. By supporting crowdfunding efforts, you are helping Singapore Children's Society in getting funding to run their programs for the beneficiaries whom they serve. Besides the financial rewards of donations such as tax deduction, you are helping a worthy cause and investing in the future of the next generation.

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