Looking for ways to help raise funds for causes you care about, or champion your company's own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in Singapore? Then keep reading because we have some fundraising ideas for you!


In this day and age, businesses are expected to be accountable for how their business practices are affecting the environment around them. Engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities can help companies give back to society. 

Putting into place a robust and thoughtful company CSR model can also reap benefits in the form of greater brand recognition, improved business reputation, and overall better financial performance.

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility in Singapore is beneficial not just for the businesses involved, or even the direct beneficiaries. When properly executed, it can have a multiplier effect on the community as a whole.

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CSR initiatives can have profoundly positive social, economic, and environmental impacts. Many CSR activities partner with charity or non-profit organisations to provide support for disenfranchised members of the community. Such support can take the form of charity fundraising activities, or promoting the spirit of volunteerism among employees.

 Corporations often have an outsized impact on the world around them. By promoting ESG sustainability and devoting their time and money to company CSR activities that benefit the environment, they prove their commitment to being good custodians of the landscapes they operate in. 

From a business standpoint, CSR can be thought of as an ESG investment that has the potential for generating net positive economic returns. People are more likely to favourably view companies that champion CSR activities, and the brand recognition and ambassadorship that can be gained from a well-planned company CSR programme can be well worth the cost. 

There are multiple ways for a business to engage in CSR activities in Singapore. More often than not, the first step is to identify the kind of impact they are looking to make - social, economic, or environmental.

What Can You Gain From Company CSR Programmes?

CSR benefits a firm just as much as it benefits the community. Company CSR initiatives can strengthen the relationship between workers and businesses, increase morale, and help employees find more satisfaction in their work. Here are several more reasons firms embrace CSR:

  • Cultivating a corporate image of responsibility A positive brand image is crucial to businesses - it affects how the company, people and products & services are being perceived. A good corporate social responsibility initiative helps with painting a good public image for the company.
  • Building public trust When a business/company is perceived in a positive light, the public's trust can be gained more easily. This is crucial in seeking more customers, reaching out to new markets and maintaining stability. When trust is established, it will be easier to develop positive relationships with the governmental agencies for potential collaboration.
  • Promoting consumer loyalty Most companies with effective CSR programmes gain consumer loyalty in the long run. For businesses, returning customers and referrals are positive ROIs. It helps with boosting sales figures while maintaining a positive reputation in the market
  • Helping the less fortunate Generosity is often a virtue that is positively regarded. It is contagious and can inspire others to follow in similar initiatives. These can translate into positive outcomes like empowerment of an individual and spreading positivity
  • Making a positive impact in your community Helping goes a long way. When you reach out to other people through your CSR programmes, the onlookers will be inspired to do the same. This way, you can build a community that is ready to provide assistance to other people and the environment.

How Can You Do Your Part?

  • Conduct Corporate Fundraising EventsA charity fundraising campaign is an example of a CSR programme. The funds raised can then be donated to a worthy cause.
  • Initiate Team Building Activities Team building company CSR activities are great as it allows employees to bond and engage, while influencing the community positively.
  • Donate Directly to Charities and Foundations Corporate social responsibility can also be in the form of donating to foundations and charities. Conducting feeding programmes, gift givings and other donation drives can also count as CSR activities.

Why should you carry out your company CSR activities with us?

  • Singapore Children’s Society has our very own crowdfunding platform, Give2Children (G2C), where you can help us raise funds for children, youth and families in need in Singapore.
    • You can create a campaign with us for your company CSR activities here.
    • These activities could range from organising charity drives, a walkathon or even a fundraiser for your favourite celebrities’ birthday!
    • Hassle free way to organise a corporate fundraising event in Singapore
  • Conducting company CSR initiatives with us could help provide our beneficiaries with a brighter future and better quality of life.
  • Provide assistance to families to resolve difficulties and regain stability.
  • We are a largely self-funded charity and have to raise most of our required funds ourselves

It’ll be great to have you join us in fundraising!

Small acts when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world


While CSR is most often associated with corporate organisations, there are ways in which individuals and private groups can also advocate for positive changes in their communities. Just like how companies plan out their corporate social responsibility programmes, groups and individuals can also plan their own ways to help the environment and their community. Here at Singapore Children’s Society, your kind heart and good intentions are always welcome.

What is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising?

  • P2P fundraising is a personalised approach to raising money for charitable causes that is often organised by one or many individuals as a group. It is where individuals organise personal campaigns to collect donations from their peers.
    • Crowdfunding through G2C. Individuals can post fundraising campaigns through our platform to raise funds for the cause they want to promote.
    • Occasion-specific fundraisers like birthdays
  • Individuals can create personal fundraising pages for a cause they are passionate about. Peer fundraising can also be done through your own channels or a physical donation drive. Some fundraisers hold events like concerts or exhibitions where their peers can enjoy an event while donating.

How does personal fundraising work?

Choose a fundraising platform that meets your particular needs

Personal fundraising is made easier with the help of a secure and streamlined platform where your supporters can donate to. Choosing a reliable and trusted fundraising platform like G2C can help achieve that and build a community of like-minded individuals like yourself.

Upload images and a compelling description to help people understand your cause

It is important to include images and a compelling write up that speaks the soul of your fundraising campaign, so people can resonate with your story and be willing to donate to support your cause.

Acknowledge your supporters, thank them

A simple mention of your supporters at the conclusion of your campaign, giving them small tokens of appreciation, or listing them on your campaign banner are gestures that go a long way in appreciating their effort. Acknowledge that the campaign won’t push through without their help. This way, you will be able to show your gratitude and transparency.

Determine a goal and deadline (reasonable amount/time)

Well-planned fundraising programmes have set durations and reasonable targets. This allows you to focus your efforts, determine key metrics for success, and wrap up your fundraiser in a timely manner.


Share your campaign by posting it on all your social media accounts and ask your peers to contribute

Creating an online campaign and leaving it as it is will not be sufficient. To reach more people and gain more funds, it is good to share your campaign on various social media platforms and have your friends and followers share it further. This networking can help your campaign a lot.

Keep your supporters updated on milestones (ensure relevancy)

While it is not very common for supporters to ask the fundraisers for proof of the campaign, it is very important for you as a fundraiser to share the milestones of the campaign to your donors. It gives your supporters the idea that you are being transparent and honest with them.

Benefits of individual fundraising

Empower individuals

Managing the entire fundraising process for charitable campaigns on your own is a challenging yet satisfying endeavour. The realisation that they have the capacity and capability to effect social change can be empowering for the individual, and converts them into lifelong ambassadors for other similar campaigns.

Bring communities together and fight for a common cause

Unlike corporate fundraising, individual fundraising works in smaller and more intimate communities. Thus, individual fundraising can have a unique ability to inspire smaller communities to galvanise one another.

No restrictions on what project, event or cause you can fundraise for

Some causes have more awareness than others. Certain campaigns receive very little attention from corporate fundraising programmes and slip under the radar. As an individual, you can adopt any cause you feel passionate about and promote it within your social circle and expand to include the broader community.

If you are someone passionate about helping children, youth and families in need, or a company looking for fulfilling CSR programs, why not join hands with Singapore Children’s Society to raise donations? 

Give2Children will be a great platform for you to unleash your creativity without the hassle!

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