Racial Harmony Day acts as a reminder to celebrate and embrace the beauty of diversity while deepening the importance of inclusivity. It promotes the core principle that all individuals, regardless of ethnic backgrounds, should be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity.

In Singapore, we’re home to various ethnic groups and has continued to proudly shape our identity as a multicultural nation and society.

At Singapore Children’s Society, our mission is to protect and nurture children and youth of all races and religions, enabling them to grow into responsible, contributing members of society. We believe that every child deserves equal opportunities to realise their potential, regardless of their background, race, or religion 🌈

As part of this campaign, we filmed two videos featuring our beneficiaries and staff reciting an original poem written by our very own talented staff Sylvia Chee.

Here’s the first video featuring our beneficiaries!

…and here’s the second video featuring our staff 😉

We hope the videos warm your hearts as you witness the friendship and camaraderie that have been fostered through our organisation!
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Children’s Society provides a wide array of services and programmes to support our beneficiaries, including the positive development of youth through our youth drop-in centres. At our four community-based centres, we work with youth to help them develop their potential and cultivate positive character traits. We try to foster discourse, interaction and bonding across races, religions, and cultures. Click to read about one of many such activities we organise.

We are always exploring new ways to be the safe space our beneficiaries can turn to in times of need and to help them develop holistically. Services like our youth drop-in centres wouldn’t have been possible without your invaluable support.

Please support us and donate generously ✨ Let’s do our best together for our beneficiaries and help them shine as bright as they grow!

Racial Harmony 2023 – Beyond Cultures, We Are One

1 Jul 2023 – 31 Jul 2023

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