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Women are the unsung heroes and community champions who each day go above and beyond their course of work, service, and passions, showcasing extraordinary examples of courage, resilience, triumph, kindness, compassion, self-love, transformation, skill and success. While all they ask is to be understood, we believe they need to be celebrated.

#MyVoice books bring together the most inspiring and heart-warming stories of 100+ women authors from around the world. The women who have shared their journeys in the books are determined not to be beaten by obstacles placed in their path but instead face their adversity by making life for themselves and those around them better.

While these books may not be filled with answers for everyone, it allows us to understand that many problems are universal and that it is how we choose to deal with difficult situations that makes the difference.

The simple yet powerful objective is to have the voices of these amazing women heard by millions of people globally and inspire many more women and men to transform their journeys from the ordinary to extraordinary and enable change.

All the volumes of #MyVoice books are available internationally through Amazon. Below you will find the links to purchase the books from Amazon Singapore:

#MyVoice Vol.1: https://www.amazon.sg/dp/9811813108

#MyVoice Vol.2: https://www.amazon.sg/My-Voice-Stories-Transformation-Substance/dp/9811823561/

#MyVoice Vol.3: https://www.amazon.sg/My-Voice-Journeys-Self-Discovery-Resilience/dp/9811831777/

#MyVoice Vol.4: https://www.amazon.sg/dp/9811837333

#MyVoice Vol.5: https://www.amazon.com/dp/9811845611

Funds raised through the sale of #MyVoice books will support the work of Singapore Children’s Society which includes being a voice for our children and their future. So go ahead and grab a copy of the book or in fact all the books and be empowered, inspired, and motivated to becoming better versions of yourselves. And in doing so you will support the great work that Children’s Society is doing to protect and nurture the future generations.

Other than purchasing the books, please feel free to also donate generously to this campaign to support Children’s Society.

We sincerely thank you for your love and contribution!

About Global Influencers

They are a Singapore based global publication company who publish books that inspire, motivate, empower, teach, enrich, connect, inform, stimulate or simply make you laugh. The company is a brainchild of two very passionate and determined entrepreneurs, Neera Gupta & Shikha Sarkar, who believe that everyone has a story and by writing it you create your legacy. Together they strive to run full steam ahead with an objective to connect the hearts & minds of international readers and authors through the power of words. Supported by an extremely talented and dedicated team who have been handpicked for their skill, talent and passion to reach heights, working behind the scenes, around the clock, making magic happen!

They aim to continue to bring authentic voices of women and men, from all walks of life in our diverse and thriving community, celebrate the exceptional accomplishments & achievements of everyday people and create a lasting impact on the readers.

More details on: www.globalinfluencers.sg

By Global Influencers Publishing House

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