Will you join us in making a child happy this Children’s Day?

Your gift can help cover a child’s expenses, support a child’s physiological and safety needs, thanks to the great work by Singapore Children’s Society.

Example of how your donations may help:

  • $45 covers one month of pocket money for one child
  • $50 covers one month of transportation cost for one child
  • $90 covers one month of meal costs for one child
  • $150 can buy groceries for a small family (2-3) for a month

With just a tap from your smartphone, you can share your love with children, youth and families in need.

Donating is simple and secure. All funds raised will go directly to the general funds of Singapore Children’s Society. Your donation qualify for 2.5 times tax deduction.

For corporate donors, please contact Project Chairperson Yeo Hui Qi (+65 8112 4919) or Public Relations Director Nicholas Eng (+65 9836 4580).

Thank you for joining us to make a child happy this Children’s Day. Let us contribute in this small way to help the society continue its meaningful work that has been accumulated over the last 69 years.


JCI Mandarin (Singapore) – Make a child happy this Children’s Day

24 Jul 2021 – 31 Oct 2021

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