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Be Their Rainbow Of Hope After The Storm

Even amidst the darkest clouds and heaviest downpour, a rainbow that forms after a storm signifies a beacon of hope to affirm that enduring through adversity can lead to brighter times ahead.

For our beneficiaries, these storms may come in the form of neglect, verbal, physical or even sexual abuse, to name a few. Without proper guidance and support, they will be left feeling lost and alone to ride out the storm by themselves. This may potentially lead to dire consequences and negative impact.

Sharing one of our beneficiaries’ stories across to show how your support can positively impact them.

For beneficiaries like Tim, opening up and seeing the rainbow through the storm clouds of life may not be an easy feat. But with your support, patience and guidance from our staff, anything is possible and we do not want to give up doing that.

As a largely self-funded charity, your support will help us tremendously in bringing hope and smiles to the vulnerable ones in need as we continue striving to give them our best attention and care.

This Flag Day, we are finally able to hit the streets again on 15 April 2023, Saturday. You can sign up as a volunteer to do street collections and help our beneficiaries to see the rainbow of colours after the storm! And if you are unable to come down physically to support us, do consider donating to this campaign.

Flag Day 2023

30 Mar 2023 – 30 Apr 2023

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