New Year, New Start

A fresh year symbolizes a clean slate to carve new beginnings.  It is an unspoken new chance to reset our days ahead and to continue chasing our dreams (if not yet fulfilled). There is seemingly no perfect time to feel like the world is your oyster than now. Very much like a newborn to the world, eager to see the chapters of their life unfold. Unfortunately, the journey is not so positive for all children.

This motivates Singapore Children’s Society to continue doing what we do best, and to never stop trying to go a step further each time for our beneficiaries. We constantly push ourselves to make a positive difference to the children, youth and families in need.

“A little kindness goes a long way”, they say. Very alike to our campaign – A Little Kindness, Lots of Joy! No matter how big or small your support is, never belittle the impact you’re able to make. Our beneficiaries each have their own story to tell, and here’s one of them.

Bobby* had been physically abused since birth. Uncared and unloved, he was severely neglected by his birth parents. When the medical team checked on Bobby, they reported serious concerns over his physical and mental development. Bobby was hospitalized and subsequently removed from his home. Due to neglect, Bobby suffers from multiple delays in his development when compared to peers of his age.

Bobby was placed with a loving foster family and he showed significant improvements in his studies, cognitive and motor developments. Unfortunately, his foster parents faced other caregiving responsibilities and he was then moved to Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society where he has been lovingly cared for till today.

Children placed at Sunbeam Place are being looked after by a team of professionals who worked tirelessly to ensure that their essential and critical needs are met, for example; healthcare, developmental, emotional well-being and relational needs, thus ensuring that each and every child has the chance to grow up happily.

For the past 70 years, Singapore Children’s Society has been working hard to make a difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. You can help make a big difference for children like Bobby, as they embark on a long journey towards recovery.

When you donate, you help us reach out to those in need, and enable our professional staff at our service centres islandwide to continue providing care and support to our beneficiaries.

This Lunar New Year, consider making it a family affair to donate to our fundraising project, A Little Kindness, Lots of Joy! Get the children involved to foster the value of giving!

Here’s wishing you a prosperous year of the Tiger!

*Name has been changed to protect our beneficiary’s identity

A Little Kindness, Lots of Joy 2022

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