Here’s a story of Mrs Lam* who was experiencing multiple stressors stemming from spousal abuse, financial woes, job instability and housing issues. Despite her own struggles, she placed her children’s needs above her own and tried her best to ensure her daughter and son (aged 15 and 10 respectively) attended school regularly and had enough food.

Mrs Lam’s son attended Sunbeam Friends Club run by Yishun Family Service @ Children’s Society and support was provided to help him during the family crisis. Her daughter also received counselling through our family service centre to aid in the transition and adjustments. Mrs Lam proceeded with a divorce and is still adapting to being a single mother. Social workers at Yishun Family Service @ Children’s Society helped her to secure a rental flat recently and Mrs Lam is now looking for employment.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us remember mothers like Mrs Lam who go against all odds for their children. Let us show our appreciation to our moms and mom-figures in our lives for the sacrifices they have made and the love they have showered on us. What better way to honor their love than by giving them the gift of giving? Make a donation in their name and make gifting extra meaningful this Mother’s Day.

Every donation made will help Singapore Children’s Society to support children, youth and families in need and impact lives more than you’ll ever know.

Would you like an e-card to send to the Superwoman of your life? Simply type “I’d like an e-card for my Superwoman!” in the Remarks section when providing details for your donation and we will be in touch with you to follow up.

*Name has been changed to protect our beneficiary’s identity

By Singapore Children’s Society

A Gift of Love

1 May 2021 – 31 May 2021

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