At just six, James* was constantly in the crossfire of his parents’ arguments, his own basic needs neglected. It was only after he was referred to Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society that he reclaimed his childhood, and received the support and counselling he needed to cope emotionally. 

Over the years, he gained a reputation among his peers and social workers as someone who is highly motivated and independent. He also set his sights high, single-mindedly pursuing his dream to join the aerospace industry.

He worked hard for his GCE ‘O’ levels examinations, and now, at 17, has landed a spot in an aerospace-related course at a local polytechnic, pushing him closer to his dream of working with planes or flying. 

Mr Gideon Pang, one of the social workers who works closely with him, says he is especially proud of how self-motivated James is: he is involved in co-curricular activities, and even has a part-time job during the holidays for some extra pocket money. At the centre, James played both basketball and volleyball.

He hopes the friendships forged at the centre during his time there and through school will help James overcome any future challenges he encounters.

To James, who left Sunbeam Place in September this year, the help and support received over the years has been invaluable. 

“I’m also grateful to the staff members, past and present. They look out for our well-being and care for us selflessly,” he says. 

*Name has been changed to protect the beneficiary’s identity

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