For 16-year-old Daron, after-school hours felt empty until a social worker suggested he try hanging out at The Fort @ Children’s Society. From day one, it felt right – he felt comfortable interacting with the social service practitioners and his peers, and as someone who is inherently warm and friendly, he fit right in.

Daron dropped by the centre four to five times a week to play FIFA on the PS4, and especially enjoyed participating in the annual virtual FIFA competitions organised by The Fort.

“It allowed me to get to know everyone better, and to also learn new skills from my friends,” he says. He would guide those new to the game along. He also enjoyed playing basketball and street soccer when The Fort went outdoors.

Playing host: Daron was MC for a Christmas party organised for the elderly at NTUC Health Senior Day Care in 2019

Now 19, Daron has graduated from the Institute of Technical Education and is exploring further education. Still, he regularly returns to The Fort as an alumnus and mentor. “I had such a wonderful experience at The Fort and enjoyed my time there so much. I hope to be able to continue to help in any way I can.”

For social service practitioners at The Fort, it is welcomed help.

“The Fort only started in 2018, so we have yet to form a formal alumni. We are grateful to Daron for being so willing to help,” says Social Programme Manager, Mr Norirwansah Bin Ramli.

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