Programme Spotlight: Kaki Learn

Students pick up skills that help them both in and outside the classroom through Kaki Learn, a programme we launched this year.

Much to Learn at the Learning Festival 2022

Proving that learning is a lifelong journey, Singapore Children’s Society marked its 70th anniversary celebration with a full-day Learning Festival on Friday, 14 October 2022.

Sunbeam Newsletter: Lending Voice to Our Work

The Society’s newsletter has seen changes to its name, masthead, design, and even delivery format over the years. But what has remained the same is its mission: to keep our supporters and beneficiaries up to date on our programmes and events, share our successes, and profile our supporters who have made a difference. As the […]

World Mental Health Day 2022: Know How to Get Help

Despite increased awareness around mental health issues, there are few places that provide qualified help, and many still do not know how to ensure that those living with mental health concerns are adequately supported, says Mr Jeremy Heng, Senior Clinical Psychologist at Yishun Family Service @ Children’s Society.