BEing Safe Together (BEST) programme

Does your child know what to do when they are feeling unsafe?  With the rise in child abuse cases and children’s increased internet use, it is important for children to know how to keep themselves safe in all situations – real life and online.

Donation Draw 2022

The Donation Draw is an important fundraising project where the sales of the tickets are channelled towards the general funds of the Society to support and make a difference in the lives of our children, youth, and families in need.

70th Anniversary Charity Gala Dinner 2022

As the crown jewel in Children’s Society’s 2022 fundraising event line-up, and in commemoration of our 70th anniversary, we have prepared something both meaningful, and memorable, for our Charity Gala Dinner event.

A Little Kindness, Lots of Joy! – Children’s Day 2022

A little help goes a long way – and no one is too little to help. Get children into the spirit of giving! Join us in our Children’s Day campaign and show the little ones what it’s like to spread kindness and joy to those in need.

Walk for Our Children 2022

Let’s admit it, not everyone shares the same excitement when it comes to exercising. But while jogging or swimming may not be everyone’s cup of tea, walking is undeniably an activity most of us do daily.

Virtual Flag Day 2022

Our annual (virtual) Flag Day is back! This Flag Day, even though we are not able to take to the streets with our flag bags to raise funds, we hope to appeal for your support to fill a bucket full of hope to help those in need.

Singapore Children’s Forum 2022

Started in 2013, the Singapore Children’s Forum (SCF) is a platform for children and young persons (CYPs) in Singapore to express their views on issues that matter to them.

14th Singapore Children’s Society Lecture

Mrs Priscilla Lui, chairperson of the Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights, will shine a light on the need for a collective response in her talk, “A Shared Journey Safeguarding our Children.