Donation Draw 2022

REMINDER: A special thank you shout-out to everyone who supported our Donation Draw 2022 and congratulations to all the winners.  We would like to remind all winners that prizes must be collected by 26 January 2023. 

A Little Kindness, Lots Of Joy! – Lunar New Year 2023

This Lunar New Year, help your children reach new heights (of empathy and care) by encouraging them to donate to our fundraising project, A Little Kindness, Lots of Joy!. No one is too small to make a big impact, and their spirit of kindness can help another child #BounceBackHigher

Storm Riders

Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences. However, coping with anger can be particularly challenging for some children as they may not adequately understand feelings of anger or are not equipped with the skills to manage them effectively. To find out how you can help your child cope with their anger safely at home, read […]


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BEing Safe Together (BEST) programme

Does your child know what to do when they are feeling unsafe?  With the rise in child abuse cases and children’s increased internet use, it is important for children to know how to keep themselves safe in all situations – real life and online.