Spread A Little Kindness and Joy This Children’s Day

A little help goes a long way – and no one is too little to help. Get children into the spirit of giving! Join us in our Children’s Day campaign and show the little ones what it’s like to spread kindness and joy to those in need. We all have the power to make someone smile a little wider today!

This Children’s Day, you can play a part in helping our children unlock their happiness and achieve their dreams. With your compassion, they are given the opportunity to dream big. And there’s hope that one day their dreams may become reality.

James* was a child who dreamt big. At just six, he was constantly in the crossfire of his parents’ arguments, his own basic needs neglected. It was only after he was referred to Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society that he reclaimed his childhood and received the support and counselling he needed to cope emotionally. Over the years, he gained recognition as an ambitious and independent individual among his peers and social workers. He studied hard and set his sights high, single-mindedly pursuing his dream to join the aerospace industry. He has since landed a spot in an aerospace-related course at a local polytechnic, pushing him closer to his dream of working with planes. To James, who has left Sunbeam Place, the help and support received over the years has been invaluable.

Singapore Children’s Society celebrates 70 years of bringing hope and smiles to those whom we care for. Your donation can make a difference to these children’s lives. It will allow us to reach out to children in need, providing care and support to our beneficiaries. Let’s help our children reach their goals and bring them smiles!

Click here to download the Response Form.

Alternatively, you may click here to make an outright donation online using credit card, PayNow or even GrabPay. Do indicate “LKN CD 2022” in the remarks section.

For more information on this campaign, please contact Ms Malihah Abdul Hamid (Lya) or Mr John Tay at 6273 2010 or via email at mhamid@childrensociety.org.sg / kjtay@childrensociety.org.sg.

Your generosity will help to nurture and build a better and brighter future for our children in need! Thank you!

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of our beneficiary