A Little Kindness, Lots of Joy! – Children’s Day 2016

A little help goes a long way – and no one is too little to help. Get your children into the spirit of charity and help us spread joy to children in need this Children’s Day! 

We believe that children, in their own ways, can make a difference to other children in need. On this extraordinary day, we would like to spread the message of love and charity amongst the young ones and foster the good values of compassion and giving.

You may contact us at any time between September and November for a donation envelope and encourage your child to make a contribution. 

Other than taking up a donation envelope, you may make an outright donation too! All outright donations, regardless of the amount, will be eligible for 250% tax deduction (e.g. for a donation of $1,000, you will be entitled to $2,500 tax deduction) this year.

To request for donation envelopes, you may complete and submit the response form here.

All donations will go towards Singapore Children’s Society’s programmes and outreach efforts.

For more information or to request for donation envelopes, kindly contact Ms Michelle Too at mtoo@childrensociety.org.sg or Ms Huang Aijuan at ajhuang@childrensociety.org.sg, or call them at 6273 2010.