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Family Services

Supporting and Strengthening Our Families in Need

We support and strengthen families in need by working together with them.

Beyond Parental Control (BPC)

Parents can approach the Youth Court for help with their children who are deemed beyond their control. The aim of the programme is to provide supervision and guidance to modify the child's behaviour and stabilise the family. Under the BPC Order, counsellors and social workers from Children's Society will supervise and counsel the wayward youth for a period of one to three years.

Parents or guardians who take their wayward children or youth to the Youth Court may be offered to participate in voluntary casework with Children's Society.

Casework and Counselling

Children's Society helps children, youth and families through casework and counselling at our service centres such as Yishun Family Service @ Children's Society.

Children's Medical Fund

Working closely with medical social workers of restructured hospitals and agencies, we provide subsidies for treatments and rehabilitative care for chronically ill children. Beneficiaries would include infants, children and adolescents up to 19 years of age.

Family Life Education Programme

Through our Family Life Education Programmes, we promote the well-being of parents and caregivers. Children’s Society also conducts training for teachers with the objective of imparting knowledge and skills to these professionals who are tasked to mould our future generations.

Project LADDER

Project LADDER reaches out to families of inmates who may be struggling in isolation due to the stigma associated with the incarceration of their loved ones. A joint project with the Singapore Prison Service, Project LADDER allows children whose parents are incarcerated to maintain frequent contact through tele-visits from our premises. The sessions provide our social workers an in-road to engage the families, especially children, and assess if they are coping well with the situation.