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Children and Youth Services

Nurturing and Inspiring Our Children and Youth

We provide value-adding care, nurture and inspire children and youth, to complement what their parents and guardians provide.

Appropriate Adult Scheme for Young Suspects

The Appropriate Adult Scheme for Young Suspects (AAYS) trains and matches volunteers to support young suspects* in law enforcement interviews. These trained volunteers are referred to as Appropriate Adults (AAs).

The AAs are trained to:

(i) look out for signs of distress in the young suspect,

(ii) aid communication between the young suspect and the investigation officer,

(iii) provide emotional support when necessary.

Click here to find out more about the roles of an AA, and the volunteering criteria and commitment required.

*Young suspects are below 16 years old.

Children and Youth Drop-in Services

Children’s Society reaches out to children and youth through arts, sports and other activities at our service centres.

Children and Youth Talks and Workshops

Children’s Society promotes the well-being of children and youth through talks and workshops conducted in a fun and experiential manner. Our programmes for the children and youth are designed to meet their socio-emotional needs. 

Choo Choo Train

Choo Choo Train is a programme which aims to instil in five and six-year-old children four positive moral values: honesty, respect, responsibility and compassion.

The programme uses a combination of storytelling, puppetry, arts and craft, role-playing and songs. By keeping each session varied and dynamic, Choo Choo Train is a joyful, meaningful programme that engages the young minds.

KidzLive: I Can Protect Myself

KidzLive aims to teach pre-school children to protect themselves from sexual abuse. Through interactive elements such as a story and a song, the programme teaches children to take care of their bodies, differentiate between good and bad touches and to tell a trusted adult if they are touched inappropriately. 

To reach out to more pre-schoolers, we started training pre-school teachers to deliver our KidzLive programme in 2012. After a full-day training, teachers take back a resource kit which they can use to conduct KidzLive at their convenience. Interested pre-school teachers can sign up for the 'Empowering Children with Body Safety Skills' course on ONE@ECDA with the course code OTHECBS17E.

KidzSHinE (Seeing Hope in Every Kid)

KidzSHinE is a drop-in programme for primary three to six students from disadvantaged families. The children do their homework and play under the supervision of staff and volunteers, and participate in support group sessions conducted by social workers and counsellors.

Project CABIN

Project CABIN is a secondary school based drop-in service which allows our youth workers to reach out to youth more effectively as students spend the bulk of their time in school. CABINs provide a place for youth to hang out after school hours to enjoy facilities such as internet access, gaming consoles and board games, or engage in meaningful activities.

Besides organising fun-filled activities, the youth workers also conduct life skills workshops and training courses, as well as provide emotional support for students in need. 

Storm Riders

Storm Riders is an anger management intervention programme for children from primary three to five. Through Storm Riders, children learn effective communication, emotional management and regulation techniques, as well as positive conflict resolution skills.

Student Care 

Student Care @ Children's Society provides afternoon school care services for primary school children who mainly come from low-income, single-parent and/or distressed families, and who are left at home without adult supervision.

Sunbeam Friends Club

Sunbeam Friends Club was set up with the aim of bringing fun and joy to children and youth through healthy, creative and constructive activities. Staff and volunteers conduct varied indoor and outdoor interactive activities with children and youth.

Tinkle Friend

Tinkle Friend is a national toll-free helpline and online chat for all primary school children who need a listening ear. Manned by trained volunteers and staff, Tinkle Friend provides support, advice and information to lonely and distressed children, especially in situations when their parents or main caregivers are unavailable.