As Singapore Children’s Society’s services evolved to meet changing needs, so, too, has its logo.

There have been three versions of Children’s Society’s logo in its 70 years, capturing its history and identity, as well as its evolution, through design. 

Our evolving identity: Our three logos at a glance, from the first in the 1950s (extreme left) to the current version (extreme right)

From the 1950s to 1979, our logo featured a circle with a coloured in outline of a young boy reaching out.

Our 1966 Annual Report: Our first logo gracing the report cover    

In 1980, our logo became more stylised, with our name encircling a child who’s shaped like a Y, resembling a child with arms reaching out.  

A recognisable icon: Our previous logo on a Flag Day bag in 1992

Our current logo was created in 1993. The paper cut-out figures of two children capture the innate nature of the child whose perceptions have not yet been shaped by life’s experiences. The figures are linked, representing a child’s links to family, the community and society, as well as to the past and the future. 

Brand refresh: The June 1993 launch of our current logo at the Bukit Merah Leisure Corner by Dr S Vasoo (right), then MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC , and our Chairman, Mr Koh Choon Hui (left)

The brand refresh was led by Mr Safdar Husain, who was the Society’s Vice Chairman from 1983 to 1998 and Chairman of the Information Committee from 1991 to 1998. 

“At that time, I was in the Rotary Club of Singapore as well, and we had an American Rotary scholar who was based in Singapore working for an advertising company. He asked if there was some work he could do and I suggested rethinking our logo, given his background,” says Safdar. 

“He brought a fresh perspective to it. It is a timeless logo. One glance at it and you know we are talking about the Society (and its mission),” Safdar adds. 

Today, our current paper cut-out logo remains an easily recognisable symbol of the Society and is an iconic representation of our organisation to the public. The narrative remains relevant and our work continues to reflect the forward-looking nature of our organisation.

As we continue to care for the future, it is our wish to bring hope and smiles just as we have done for the past 70 years!

An enduring identity: Our current logo on the cake marking our 70th Anniversary in April 2022 at Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society

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