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Welcome to the e-Games Portal of Singapore Children's Society!

We are pleased to present four games in this portal, jointly developed by Singapore Children's Society and Nanyang Polytechnic.

Parents are strongly encouraged to play these games with their primary school-aged children.

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These games present opportunities for parent-child bonding, and children will better absorb the values carried in these games when adults explain and share real-world examples.


Crossword Puzzle

How do you cope with bullying?
Who can you turn to for help?
Find out more in this crossword game!


Recycle Sort


Why is saving the environment important?
Do you know what can be recycled and what cannot?
Fun facts await you in this Recycle Sort game.


Shooting Words


This game presents examples of the values of Kindness, Diligence, Honesty, Thankfulness, Respect and Filial Piety.

Pop balloons in a garden or take down androids to learn more about these important traits.


Slides and Ladders


In this slides and ladders game, players will see examples of good and bad behaviour.

How do these examples of behaviour affect those around us?
Are we setting good examples ourselves? Play to find out more!

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